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Here are some photo albums of vacations and whatever else. A few videos, too.


Blue Ridge Parkway: Buck Spring Gap

Blue Ridge Parkway
in NC
(September 2009)

Sunken garden at Butchart Gardens

San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, and
Vancouver Island
(May 2008)

Sunset at Grand Canyon

Phoenix area and
Grand Canyon
(May 2007)

Woooden coaster at the Pavilion

Myrtle Beach, SC: Pavilion Farewell
(September 2006)

Frontenac in Quebec

Quebec City and surrounding area
(July 2006)

Johnston Canyon

Alberta, Canada: Calgary and Banff National Park
(May 2006)

Half Boston terrier. Half beagle. 100% crazy.

Keely is my Boston terrier/beagle mix. She's sweet and quite smart, but also a tad nutty, as you'll see.

Having a ball

Keely had some fun with a squeaky plush ball just before the holidays in 2007. (December 2007)

Canine OCD

Keely is fixated on one spot on the futon in my office. The video clip shows her process: Dig at spot. Sniff. Repeat multiple times. This happens on almost a daily basis. She eventually shredded the last sheet I had on the futon. I'm sure the current one will meet the same fate. (November 2006)